Shadow Waltz (2002)

Piano and Sampler (one player)


Commissioned by Eric Moe


Shadow Waltz was commissioned by Eric Moe for his Waltz Project Revisited compact disc. I wanted to write a simple piece formally, a piece that would have a waltz feel, but that was also two-sided, or double-edged. At the time, a close friend was in the process of dealing with a very serious illness. In this short folksy-bluesy tribute it was my intention to capture a complex side of human emotions, one that embodies carefree happiness and hope even when a darker side is present in the shadows. The piece includes two tuning systems, the normal 12 tone equal tempered system and a 21 note-to-the-octave just system, in alternation.

Albany TROY 689. Eric Moe, piano

Plurabelle Music Publishing

World Premiere
March 14, 2008, Eric Moe pianist, New York City

Notable Performances

September 21-22, 2008, Alan Feinberg pianist, Works and Process Series at the Guggenheim Museum, New York City