Le Jon Ra (1981)

Two Celli



Le Jon Ra was composed in 1981. Its initial inspiration came from an early painting by Mark Rothko. The painting’s three color fields, a muted brown, orange and red, suggested a formal design subtly created by register and instrumental color. The use of strumming, pizzicato, col legno battuto, and harmonics, in combination with three distinct regional areas, create an inwardly pulsating movement of color. The piece is characterized by a complex yet restrained development of recurring rhythmic and melodic gestures.

ACA 50th Anniversary Recording Series, Opus One #137, Michael Finckel, Theodore Mook, celli

C.F. Peters Corporation

Notable Performances

February 8, 1990, Renee Weiler Hall, New York City. The Barrow Street Cellos
April 24, 1987, Cami Hall, New York City. Michael Finckel, Theodore Mook, celli
November 8, 1987, Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, New York City. Michael Finckel, Theodore Mook, celli