Double Concerto (2010)

Baritone Saxophone, Percussion, and Orchestra


Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation, written for Kenneth Coon, Lisa Pegher, and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project


I remember being very inspired by Kenneth Coon’s performances with the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet both live and on recordings, and I’m still in awe of his tone, technical ability, and amazing musicianship. As a result, when the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet asked me to compose a new piece for them in 2000 (Möbius Loop), I wrote a killer baritone part, very challenging, which Ken took to new heights. After the U.S. premiere of that piece, Ken suggested I write a duo for baritone and percussion, and I countered by offering a double concerto. Soon after, I approached Gil Rose with a recording project idea involving the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet and BMOP which would include Möbius Loop, the Double Concerto, and a piece or two to be named later, and we were fortunate to receive a Fromm Foundation commission for the concerto. The project was conceived in 2003, and after writing an opera and several other works, the Double Concerto was completed.

I have always loved Lisa Pegher’s style of performing which often blends the pointed and intense energy of avant rock with the technical expertise of new music, and I have closely followed her career. Lisa is one of the brightest young percussionists in today’s music scene. I therefore seized the opportunity to involve her in this project; it was the perfect fit. It was a great honor to work with these two close friends and astonishing musicians.

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BMOP/sound 1032, Rascher Saxophone Quartet, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor

C.F. Peters Corporation

World Premiere
January 22, 2011, Kenneth Coon, Lisa Pegher, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor, Jordon Hall, Boston

Notable Performances

July 11, 2015, Kenneth Coon, Lisa Pegher, Thailand Phiharmonic Orchestra, José-Luis Novo, conductor, Bangkok

Double Concerto

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Double Concerto performed by Kenneth Coon, baritone saxophone; Lisa Pegher, percussion; Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra; José-Luis Novo, conductor