Continental Drift (Quintet Version) (1990)

Clarinet, harp, DX7II, and two percussionists


Commissioned by Newband


Continental Drift was originally written for french horn, percussion, and two keyboards (one microtonally altered) which are performed by one player. This version was commissioned by Newband for the World Music Days in Oslo. The title, Continental Drift, refers to a subtle movement between musical references. While unified stylistically, the work draws on characteristics from diverse sources such as Mahler, Indonesian music, and free-jazz artists, including Albert Ayler. It is a one-movement and concentrated work, with a long melodic line paced by the clarinet. There is an elaborate fast-paced drum/cymbal accompaniment, and a complex backdrop provided by the keyboard and pitched percussion, at times emerging and receding in the texture.

C.F. Peters Corporation

World Premiere
Sept. 24, 1990, Newband, ISCM World Music Days, Oslo Norway

Notable Performances

October 16, 1990, Miller Theatre, New York City. Newband