Circadian Rhythms (1989)

Cello, Percussion, and Piano/Sampler (One Player)


Commissioned by Ted Mook


Circadian Rhythms was commissioned by Ted Mook and has been performed throughout the U.S. and Europe by Newband, the California EAR Unit, the New York New Music Ensemble and many others. The piece uses a nineteen note-to-the-octave tuning system I designed to be used in conjunction with the standard twelve note equal tempered system. In this work keyboard 1 (acoustic) is tuned conventionally while keyboard 2 (digital) is altered in the following way: C#, D#, F# and G# are raised approximately 37 cents while Bb, C and F are lowered approximately 51 cents. The seven added notes form natural intervals with each other and also with the twelve “normal” notes. As the movement titles suggest, the first and fourth movements are related by their material. The second and third movements contrast these outer movements, and each other as well. Stylistically the work is most obviously influenced by my long-standing love for Javanese music, my recent fascination with the music produced by the New York rock band Sonic Youth, and by the music of LaMonte Young.

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Mode CD 33, Newband; New World Records 80736-2

C.F. Peters Corporation

World Premiere
June 6, 1989, Newband, Symphony Space, New York City

Notable Performances

November 3, 1990, Newband, De Ijsbreker, Amsterdam
March 4, 1990, Newband, Roulette, New York City
October 20, 1991, Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble, First and Second Church, Boston
April 7, 1992, Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, SUNY Stony Brook
April 7, 1993, Newband, Synod Hall, Pittsburgh
October 30, 1993, Newband, The Kitchen, New York City
May 24, 1995, California E.A.R. Unit, Bing Theater, Los Angeles
September 16, 1997, Music on the Edge Ensemble, Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, Pittsburgh
October 6, 1998, New York New Music Ensemble, Miller Theatre, New York City
December 9, 2003, Tactus, Manhattan School of Music, New York City
July 22 and 23 2005, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, City Theater, Pittsburgh
June 2, 2009, New York New Music Ensemble, June in Buffalo