Ancient Eyes (1993)

Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Percussion, and Piano/Sampler (one-player)


Commissioned by the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players


Ancient Eyes was written during the months directly before and after the birth of my daughter, Anna Eileen, on November 12, 1990, and reflects some of the thoughts and emotions I was experiencing at that time. As is the case with other recent music of mine, Ancient Eyes expands the twelve note equal tempered system to include both just and equal tempered intervals. The nineteen note hybrid tuning used in this piece allows the music to move freely through passages which use either altered or tempered tunings, or combinations of the two.

CRI Emergency Music, New World Records NWCR831, Prism Players, Brad Lubman, cond.

C.F. Peters Corporation

World Premiere
April 28, 1991, The Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, Merkin Hall, New York City

Notable Performances

May 19, 2003, Earplay, San Francisco
March, 2003, CMU Contemporary Ensemble, U3 Festival, Pittsburgh
November 13, 1994, Newband, Miller Theatre, New York City
October 1, 1994, Synhronia, The Ethical Society, St. Louis
April 17, 1991, The Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players. Stony Brook University


Ancient Eyes performed by Prism Players, Brad Lubman, conductor