Three Harmonies (2011)

Viola, Percussion, Piano/Sampler (one player)


Commissioned by Andrew Zientek


Two of the three movements in Three Harmonies (I & III), were commissioned by landscape architect and visual artist Andrew Zientek for a video he created with Francis Bitonti titled Not Only: I, II. The first movement, Gymnopédie, is dedicated to the late and great composer/percussionist Arthur Jarvinen. Gymnopédie has in the past been performed as the fourth movement of Art Jarvinen’s Three Gymnopédies, each of which was composed in memory of someone that suffered a violent death. Fantasy for Roberta Liss is dedicated to my dear cousin (long-time upper east-sider and self described “tough broad from the Bronx”) whose spirit and love of life lives on in those that knew her. The third movement of the set, Gymnopédie for Lee Hyla, was added later (2017) and is an excerpt from a larger piece for string quartet and percussion that is dedicated to Lee. Placed in the middle, it is the longest and most complex movement of the three. Movements I and III use a 19 note equal division of the octave tuning. Movement I uses a 21 note tuning of my own design.

Plurabelle Music Publishing (Distributed by Subito Music Corp.)

World Premiere
January 14, 2012, LotUS, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

Notable Performances

July 7, 2015, Thailand International Composition Festival, Bangkok


Three Harmonies performed by Wendy Richman, viola; Timothy Feeney, percussion; Shirley Yoo, piano