Shiny Object Syndrome (2019)

Amplified Cymbal


Commissioned by Al Cerulo for the Amplified Perception project


Mathew Rosenblum masterfully takes the listener on a journey exploring all the possible timbres a single amplified cymbal can create. The performer navigates through the piece using a variety of playing implements including brushes, a bow, fishing line, wooden sticks and more. Over the course of the piece, the sounds Rosenblum achieves naturally flow from one sound to the next creating a beautiful experience for the listener. This composition is one of five pieces that are a part of my project entitled Amplified Perception. – Al Cerulo

Composer – Mathew Rosenblum
Performer – Al Cerulo

Plurabelle Music Publishing (Distributed by Subito Music Corp.)

Mathew Rosenblum's "Shiny Object Syndrome"

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