“RedDust shows flashes of brilliance… Rosenblum’s score was impressionistic, with the vocal lines floating above, minimalist and sometimes surprisingly tonal…a psychedelic wash over the dramatic continum…RedDust conveyed not only the confusion indicated in the title, but a sweeping emotional experience.”

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“Encountering Mathew Rosenblum’s opera ‘RedDust’ was a provocative experience Saturday night at Opera Theater’s world-premiere production at The Andy Warhol Museum…the many media serve to increase the density of Rosenblum’s compelling psychological creation about Chinese author Shi-yin, who is suffering from both writer’s block and remorse over a romance that ended with his lover’s suicide…Rosenblum’s score…was full of character, including lyrical beauty. Conductor Paul Hostetter led aconfident performance…Labels can be convenient because they tell us what to expect. Rosenblum didn’t want to play that game. His opera is a thought-provoking experience that offers different rewards than its nominal genre usually provides.”