Circadian Rhythms

“Mathew Rosenblum’s Circadian Rhythms is a marvelous piece; well constructed and richly colored, the composer’s nineteen-note-to-the-octave tuning system gives the music  a distinctive tang, and there are occasional echoes of Javanese harmonies and twinkling gongs…”

“[Rosenblum] sounded more like a romantic wild card, expressive and more textured, unafraid of repeating himself, incorporating rock and gamelan music directly…”

“This composer’s main interest now appears to be centered around the idea of using two or more tuning systems simultaneously, and the result here is energetic and exciting.” “His critically acclaimed Circadian Rhythms incorporates a 19-note tuning he himself invented. … the influence of Gamelan and American rock forms a mysterious bond, and the 23-minute work leaves an impression of sophisticated aural design, especially in the way space and timbral contrasts are exploited.”

“Circadian Rhythms is probably best recommended to those who already have the habit of stretching their ears (as Charles Ives used to say) with exotic tunings, but is one of the most original and striking of such pieces since the death of Harry Partch.”