Circadian Rhythms compact disc

“To say that Mathew Rosenblum takes an interest in unorthodox tuning systems is true as far as it goes, but it doesn’t really do justice to either the depth and beauty of the music on this disc, or to Rosenblum’s range as a composer. The 20-minute score that gives the disc its title does include two differently tuned pianos, along with cello and percussion, and much of the music’s distinctive sound comes from the interplay of the various scales. But what makes the piece so rich and inviting are the wit and dexterity with which Rosenblum deploys those sounds, incorporating them first into sparse, evocative dreamscapes, then into bursts of punk rock or piano jazz that maintain a connection to the whole. Other pieces here display different sides of a multi-faceted creative voice, from the spangly beauty of “Yonah’s Dream” (which incorporates the tuning system of the visionary composer and instrument builder Harry Partch) to “The Big Rip,” a densely wrought choral work that Rosenblum bills as a science-fiction cantata. Perhaps most beguiling of all is “Under the Rainbow,” which combines a live flute with a madcap recorded melange of electronic sounds and clips from Warner Brothers cartoons and “The Wizard of Oz.” It’s the kind of jape that should be merely brash, but Rosenblum makes it at once funny and moving.”